Our features give you the flexibility and ease of use to quickly schedule your staff’s appointments and get back to growing your business!

1.Calendar Functionality

Our dynamic calendar allows you to quickly and easily schedule one time or recurring appointments for your staff. If you need to change an appointment, you can simply drag and drop into the new time. Editing appointments is quick and easy.

2.Client and project management

Manage your client and project information, including custom color selection for each client or specific project. Make your important items really stand out in the calendar!


3.Task Management
Add and manage tasks on the fly! Quickly add them to your staff’s agenda. Never again lose sight of items that come across your desk!
taskManagement 400


4.ToDo list

Have an item that needs to be done outside of client schedules? Add it to the ToDo list!



Our dashboard gives your staff a quick snapshot of their weekly schedule, outstanding ToDo items and an interactive daily schedule. They can get all of their information quickly and even mark today\’s appointments complete.
dash 400



Generate daily and weekly summary reports to keep everyone on the same page.


7.Time sheet, expense and billing

You can use your scheduled appointments with our billing features to generate invoices, removing the need for multiple management systems!

  • Timesheet Once an appointment is marked as complete, it appears seamlessly in our timesheet grid. From here, billable hours can be tweaked and extra hours can be added.


  • Expense Add any expenses incurred for the completion of project.



  • Invoices Roll your timesheet and expenses into a printable invoice to be sent to your client.