SchedulePark is pleased to announce the release of our new task management interface.

While current users can still use the monthly calendar page to schedule tasks, they may no longer want to!

Our new task management pages make it simple to assign tasks to appointments, but simply dragging the tasks and dropping them into the open appointment time!

You can view the all of the upcoming appointments one staff member has with a selected client, and manage their tasks efficiently by dragging and dropping between appointments!

Do you need more flexibility? You can choose to see ALL of the appointments your entire staff has with the client, and decide how best to utilize their time.

But what if the tasks time is too long for the appointment?
Not to worry! When you fill an appointment with tasks, the appointment turns green, and you are good to go! If you fill the appointment with too many tasks, the appointment turns gray with a red border, and you know it’s time to make some adjustments.


This is a great way to know it’s time to add some more resources, or schedule more time with the client. what a simple way to identify lost billable items!

All so quick and easy, you can get right back to running your business.

Contact us for a demo and more information! We’ll love to chat with you!